Henry Stewart, DAM NY, May 2-3 2013, New York City

Lucy Lincoln, Henry Stewart’s Communications Executive has sent us details of their New York conference to be held on May 2nd-3rd 2013 in New York City.  They plan to cover:

  • How DAM expertise and systems are becoming indispensable
  • Important advances in technology and working practices
  • Monetisation and gamification
  • Procurement and creative workflows
  • Integrating Social Media Moderation into DAM
  • Video workflows
  • Integration with existing software: solving the interoperability challenge
  • Metadata and taxonomy solutions
  • Big Data
  • Building the right business case for DAM

Welcome to the Art & Practice of Managing Digital Media 2013. Once again this annual New York City event is taking place at the Hilton New York on May 2 – 3 when we will begin our 2013 program of international Digital Asset Management events covering the very latest thinking and developments but never overlooking all the ‘New to DAM’ entrants to this rapidly expanding field. And at all times keeping our focus on the user -as ever it’s all from the user’s perspective. ” [Read More]

Some of these topics like Gamification and Big Data look a bit too trendy to be worth bothering with to me, DAM being an archetypal IT fashion business as we have often pointed out on these pages.  I would be inclined to stick to the more conventional sessions about metadata, workflow and integration.  These are the more complex challenges that bring tangible bottom line productivity benefits for DAM users and given the constrained funding situation that many will find themselves in next year (as with the last 4-5 years) then that’s where your attention as an end user should be.  That said, Social Media clearly isn’t going away and as we discussed today, a strategy for this and implementation tactics are all going to be increasingly essential.

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