Henry Stewart DAM 2012 Conference Line Up

Henry Stewart, the first (and at one time only) DAM conference organiser have announced the dates for each of their conference venues in 2012:

  • DAM New York – May 10th – 11th
  • DAM Europe* – June 25th – 26th
  • DAM Chicago – September 13th
  • DAM Los Angeles – November 1st –  2nd

* London, UK.

The details are on the home page of the DAM section of their site: http://www.henrystewartconferences.com/dam/

They have also issued a call for papers for anyone who wants to contribute.  Some of the suggested topics include:

  • Industry Trends
  • Best Practices in DAM
  • How DAM can be used to Automate Workflow
  • How DAM can impact Revenue Generation and Product Development
  • Metadata, Taxonomy and Search
  • Rights Management
  • Making the Most of DAM in Brand Management and Marketing
  • How DAM fits into Content Management and Knowledge Management Systems
  • DAM and Change Management strategies
  • Career Opportunities in DAM  and organisational management structures to incorporate DAM
  • Technology – open source solutions, storage, linking repositories

Full details are available here: http://www.henrystewartconferences.com/dam/call_for_papers_628/

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