Featured Event – Safe-Distancing Not Required: DAM and Collections Management Side-by-Side – 17th February 2022

This week’s highlighted event investigates the technical challenges of consolidating disparate collection management systems faced by museums and cultural organisations.  In ‘Safe-Distancing Not Required: DAM and Collections Management Side-by-Side‘, hosted by Global Chair David Lipsey, attendees can learn how to link, manage, and associate all of their digital media assets and physical collections through a single integrated system via a series of real-world case studies.  Access to this online webinar is free of charge.

Museums and cultural organizations must bring together a multitude of digital assets and object information to offer unique and meaningful experiences. Disparate digital asset and collection management systems, however, have made this a significant challenge. In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how the DAM can be tied to a physical collection and manage all media in a single, integrated system.”  [Read More]

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