Featured Event – From Avatars to Digital Humans, 13th April 2022, 7pm – 9pm (GMT)

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This week’s featured event is From Avatars to Digital Humans, from from Microsoft owned Virtual Reality events specialists,  Altspace VR.  The virtual conference will take place on Wednesday 13th April between 7pm and 9pm GMT.  It promises to discuss topics such as how the representation of people in virtual assemblies is likely to change away from cartoon-style avatars and towards a more realistic representation.  This event is somewhat different to the usual Zoom-style webinar and ideally you will need AltspaceVR’s software and a headset to get the full benefit (although you can participate without one).

How we choose to present ourselves in the Metaverse is just as important as in the real world. Each virtual world comes with its own set of Avatars that can often be heavily personalized.  During our next event, we’ll discuss why those avatars are often limited to a “cartoony” look. And why, on the other end of the spectrum, recent advances in Digital Humans technology are definitely leaving the uncanny valley behind.” [Read More]

It is true that there is currently a resurgence of demand for in-person events due to the lifting of Covid restrictions by most countries, a process which has taken far longer than anyone expected.  With that said, the genie is out of the bottle in terms of virtual events.  Their cost benefits will present an increasingly compelling advantage, especially if the technology also improves to make the experience less cabin-fever inducing than it is now.  My expectation is that budgets will be squeezed for many firms currently as they find it more demanding to cover basic costs for items like fuel and raw materials.  This could lead to a greater take-up of purely digital events, in the same way that niche print-based trade journals have already been largely consigned to history in the early part of the 21st century.

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