DAM Event Updates – 1st September 2021

There are a number of DAM and marketing technology events occurring the coming weeks.

On Wednesday 8th September, CMSWire and business software provider Freshworks address the challenges of connecting consumer experiences in a fast-paced omnichannel landscape. How to Build a Digital First Omnichannel Customer Engagement Strategy is a free to attend webinar exploring how Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can assist in transforming your customer and employee experience.

Join CMSWire and Casey Steenport, Manager of Solution Engineering at Freshworks for this live, hour-long webinar. We’ll explore how you can seamlessly add messaging channels into your omnichannel customer service strategy, thereby communicating with your customers on their terms while driving down the total cost of service in your organization.”  [Read More]

DAM platform provider Nuxeo investigate the current challenges faced by users and librarians when searching for content.  On Tuesday 14th September, a free webinar entitled ‘The Future of Search – is it Natural Language Processing (NLP)?‘ will be exploring emerging technologies such as AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), and how to prepare for utilising them.

Topics covered will include:

  • Where current search techniques fall short
  • What is Natural Language Processing? (NLP)
  • How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help search?
  • Do we need a taxonomy or a folksonomy?
  • Engineering the content to support search

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The third and final episode of Workflow Automation: How to Optimize for Efficient Creative Operations is taking place on Wednesday 15th September.  This instalment will be focusing on the future of workflow automation and includes representative speakers from Amazon Web Services, Globaledit, and Cella Consulting.  The event is free for end users.

Topics include:

  • Where will workflow automation take Creative Operations in the future?
  • Available technology and how it’s applied to Creative Operations
  • Data driven Creative Operations strategy – breaking down barriers to delivery of strategic & performance data to Creative Ops groups
  • Personalization & recommendations
  • How can organizations pivot to integrate automations?
  • How do organizations start with workflow automation if they are still manual?

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