DAM Event Updates – 10th March 2021

There are a number of DAM related events taking place next week.

On Tuesday 16th, this year’s MarTech conference is taking place. Spanning two days, this free to attend virtual event will feature a series of live and on-demand presentations, sessions and interactive workshops from a range of industry leading marketing experts from brands including Third Door Media, Gartner, Salesforce, and Aprimo.  The full agenda is available at the link below.


At MarTech, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with like-minded attendees during community meetups and through MarTech Connect, our 1:1 networking experience. Meet marketers from around the world who share your professional interests and are excited to talk shop and trade ideas.”  [Read More]

CILIP, the library and information association is staging its Copyright Essentials training course on Thursday 18th and Thursday 25th March.  This two-part virtual workshop aims to furnish attendees with the basics of copyright for reproducing, creating, commissioning and sharing digital content, along with exploring case studies and identifying other types of intellectual property rights.  An advanced follow-up course will be available in May 2021.

It is designed for staff working across all library, information and knowledge management sectors and great for newcomers to copyright or those who need a refresher. You need to attend both parts to complete the programme.”  [Read More]

On Monday March 22nd, author and taxonomist Heather Hedden will be hosting Taxo Update: Latest in Designing and Maintaining Taxonomies.  This half-day interactive virtual session will be presenting a broad range of topics and trends, including how to choose the right type of taxonomy or controlled vocabulary, taxonomy standards, and numerous best practices and techniques for designing, developing, governing and maintaining your organisations information hierarchies.  A Q&A session and interactive tasks will also be included.

This workshop shares best practices tips on designing and maintaining taxonomies for practical use as well as the latest thinking and tools in the industry. Design considerations include whether to create a taxonomy or thesaurus; whether a taxonomy should be primarily hierarchical or faceted; how large it should be; whether synonyms/variants are needed and if so, how many; what the sources are for the terms; and what the guidelines are for properly creating hierarchical relationships.”  [Read More]

Events can be posted by anyone with a free DAM News Subscription account.  See the DAM News Events Calendar for more information.

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