Creatasphere DAM Europe Conference Summary

Kashyap Kompella from consultants, Real Story Group has written up a summary of the Creatasphere DAM Europe conference which was held in the Hague (Netherlands) recently.  Kashyap has done a great job of distilling the material from the conference into this piece and covers 10 key areas:

  • DAM is (finally) being acknowledged as relevant and useful by senior executives.
  • Large ECM vendors still do not understand how to assimilate DAM into their offerings.
  • The Cloud is perceived as having risks relating to privacy and data security and it may take longer to be adopted for DAM.
  • Mobile DAM is not considered a priority.
  • DAM systems still lack functionality in relation to social media.
  • Workflow in DAM systems is too linear and needs to move towards a more collaborative model.
  • Museum curators and archivists have concerns about how long the formats of files they deposit into DAM systems will last.
  • Context or ‘meta-metadata’ as Kashyap  refers to it will become increasingly important as DAM users want to know where assets are used and also vary how it is used/presented across different channels.
  • Search: being able to find one’s assets is still the key business case for DAM systems.
  • Many ‘cool’ features added by vendors serve no useful purpose as far as end users are concerned, especially visual search.
The themes echo many of our own recent comments on the DAM industry and also are precisely what clients in my own consulting practise are saying too.  The overwhelming sense I get is that vendors especially are too willing to invest in toys and trinkets while at the same time they leave duller and more complex (but ultimately more useful and requested) features like flexible workflow by the wayside or handle it very badly.  My belief is that this will change as bigger vendors from other markets get more involved in the DAM as the cost of their investment and customer acquisition activities will require them to tailor the products to deliver more precisely what users are asking for.
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