Amazon Free “Lunch And Learn” AWS Seminar, London (UK), 4th December 2012

Amazon are presenting a Lunch And Learn Seminar  introducing their AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud platform to prospective end users.  The seminar is on 4th December 2012 at the America Square Conference Centre in London (EC3 – City area near to Tower Hill or Fenchurch Street).  The event is free and includes lunch, remembering of course that there is no such thing!

The topics covered include the basics of AWS:

  • Running a web server on Amazon EC2
  • Creating a security group, public/private keys
  • Attaching an Elastic IP address and creating an AMI from an EC2 snap-shot.
  • Creating and uploading an object to Amazon S3.
  • Creating content distributions using Amazon CloudFront.
  • Creating and managing an Amazon EBS volume.
  • Creating a single-region RDS configuration and modifying the RDS instances to be multi-region.

Developing applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or moving your business into the cloud is more straightforward than you think. Whether you are a developer eager to learn new skills, a solutions architect who wants to solve existing technology problems, the IT professional who wants access to cost-effective, on-demand computing resources, this workshop is for you.” [Read More]

As per the quote, this is aimed at technical people who have so far been unable to learn more about Amazon and want some general introductory training material.  If  your boss or clients are asking about it then it looks like a good opportunity to find out some of the basics, especially if you are working in or around the City of London.

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