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Develop Your Own In-House DAM Vendor Selection Expertise

Digital Asset Management is now an integral operational and strategic concern for most enterprises.  DAM solutions and the processes required to support them are fast becoming fully embedded in organisations as the volume and range of digital assets increases at an exponential rate.

In order to implement DAM initiatives, however, too many DAM end users end up over-spending on consulting services to go over the same rudimentary issues on multiple occasions, when they need to be building up their levels of in-house expertise so their strategies are more sustainable and of wider benefit than a single implementation.

The materials in this series of educational resources make that objective possible to accomplish at an affordable cost that reduces operational risk.  They offer the guidance and information required to help devise DAM strategies and project plans that can serve organisations over the longer-term.

The first programme in the series is concerned with the DAM solution selection and purchasing management process.  The educational materials cover the entire process from higher level executive decisions through to the critical technical details that can give your organisation the edge when it comes to a successful DAM initiative that achieves a higher than average ROI.

There are two key reports, the first is management-oriented and covers the following topics:

  • How to assess your business case for Digital Asset Management.
  • What you need to do to prepare for DAM.
  • How to audit what digital assets and existing systems you already have to decide if you really need software or just need to make better use of what you already have.
  • What the impact will be on the business (both internally and externally) and how to mitigate risks.
  • Where to source potential DAM partners.
  • Identifying a long list of potential partners and rationalising it into a shortlist.
  • The IT management and technical factors to consider.
  • Legislative compliance and data protection issues and how to manage them.
  • How to get the most from external consultants if you do decide to hire them.
  • Conducting demonstrations and following-up with in-depth reviews.
  • Devising scripted scenarios for reviews.
  • Writing an efficient RFP that extracts the information you require without the process becoming onerous for you or the prospective suppliers.
  • Carrying out in-depth evaluations and managing stakeholder review meetings.
  • Key DAM purchasing deliverables.
  • Intellectual Property and software escrow.
  • Support and maintenance contracts as well as other legal considerations.
  • Managing the implementation project once the selection stage is complete.
  • User adoption issues to consider and some suggested resources.

Also included is a ten page example RFP template and a comprehensive list of further sources of information.

The second report: ‘Analysing DAM Vendor Directory Profiles’ explains how to interpret vendor profiles on the DAM vendor searchable directory at  This document is aimed at more hands-on digital asset managers and technical or implementation personnel who need to devise techniques to transform the strategic objectives into deliverable products that the rest of the business can actually use.  Subjects covered include:

  • Using the search facilities.
  • Reviewing vendor details and understanding responses like financial details, turnover etc.
  • Licensing questions and the business implications for on-premise or SaaS/Cloud products.
  • Hosting options – the pros and cons of each.
  • Understanding the implications of vendor technology choices.
  • Search technologies and document indexing.
  • Metadata including embedded formats like IPTC, XMP, PLUS and ID3.
  • Business intelligence and reporting.
  • User auditing and asset usage.
  • Scalable asset processing and asset manipulation.
  • Data import/export.
  • Integration and APIs.
  • Scripting and plug-ins.
  • Third party authentication integration with AD, LDAP and SAML.
  • Multi-lingual issues with metadata and the DAM user interface.
  • Versioning asset files and metadata
  • Using the vendor shortlist features
  • Contacting vendors and prompting for missing responses

A PDF copy of all vendor profiles is also included.

The full package includes:

  • 20,000 word, 50 page report on how to analyse and select DAM solutions.
  • 13,500 word 61 page report that explains how to understand vendor profiles, read between the lines and identify whether a prospective DAM supplier offers a solution that genuinely meets your needs.
  • 850 page vendor directory.

All the reports are provided with an organisation-wide license so as many of your internal staff can benefit from the expertise without incurring unnecessary cost.

This package is a fraction of the price of many competing offerings and the documents are full of practical information about DAM implementation that is suitable for professionals at all levels of the business.  They have been written by a consultant with over 20 years of experience who has direct, proven experience of DAM implementation issues and how to solve them acquired across hundreds of real DAM projects for a range of global clients in both the public and private sectors.

The package can be purchased by end users and is also open to vendors who want to learn more about how to enhance their solutions.  You are recommended to register a account, to get the most from the reports.


Buy this report package for: $499.

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