Planning Content Migration

Alice Ainsworth discusses the subject of planning content migration in this article.  She describes the process as “dull but essential” – and few would argue over that.  A series of 5 steps are outlined to help the reader understand the process and plan for it effectively:

  • Know where your current content position.
  • Remove unwanted content by using feedback from web stats packages to decide what to keep.
  • Plan your information architecture.
  • Avoid fully outsourcing or automating content migration and view it as an opportunity to refresh content also.
  • Build training and quality assurance into the migration process.

Migrating the content of a council website can be a pretty intimidating task. The typical local government site will have thousands of pages, pdf downloads and images. Depending on the way you work you might also have a couple of hundred content owners/authors to think about.” [Read More]

Readers may also be interested in David Hobbs’ Migration Handbook site which covers similar subject matter.

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