Photoshop For Tablet Devices

As reported by CNET last week, Adobe are currently working on an edition or variation of Photoshop that will operate on tablet devices such as the iPad or Smasung’s Galaxy Tab.  While the limitations of the touch based interface mean that the tablet isn’t likely to be a replacement for conventional use, it does highlight how tablets are being taken more seriously by mainstream application vendors as a means to augment existing capabilities.

The CNET article describes a session with Kevin Lynch (Adobe’s CTO) at the recent Adobe MAX conference:

In the first demonstration, he showed Photoshop’s content-aware fill technology that can add some smarts to the deletion of phone lines, ex-boyfriends, or other elements of an image. He used his finger to paint over an image of a grouse against a green field. After a few seconds of processing, the application filled in the area with more green grass.  In the second demonstration, he used an iPad application to mix colors with a virtual palette then, select them, then finger-paint on an image actually hosted on a copy of Photoshop running on a linked conventional computer.  ‘Back in the old days, people used to mix colors on a palette–a physical palette. We’re looking at whether we can bring that same type of experience to a tablet environment,’ Lynch said.” [Read More]

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