Myths About HTML5

Chris Heilmann, who is a “principle developer evangelist” at Mozilla  (why aren’t there job titles like that in the software companies I do work for?) describes some myths about HTML5, with special reference to the lack of adoption of HTML5 for mobile applications:

  • HTML5 doesn’t perform
  • HTML5 can not be monetized
  • HTML5 can not be offline
  • HTML5 has no development environment

The benefits of HTML5 over native apps mentioned above should be reason enough for developers to get involved and start with HTML5 instead of spending their time building a different code base for each platform. If all you want to support is one special platform you don’t need to go that way, but then it is also pointless to blame HTML5 issues for your decision.” [Read More]

It does seem to me that device-specific applications is like heading back into the client/server dark ages.  While games developers or other more popular applications might not have a problem with this, it will pose a real problem for business applications like DAM where the economics of platform-specific development are much higher risk or complex.  This is certainly the case if you need to pick one that most of your end users will prefer, or get them to work on iOS, Android and now Windows 8 too.

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