Kaltura HTML5 Sequencer Available On Wikimedia Commons

The Kaltura HTML5 video sequencer is now available on Wikimedia Commons and allows rudimentary video editing (via EDLs – Edit Decision Lists) using an HTML5 interface.  The demo is definitely very powerful and it’s hard to believe it’s purely browser based.

The Kaltura HTML5 sequencer Edit Decision list format ( EDL ) is based on an old standard called SMIL. The SMIL spec has evolved over time and has become famous for being very large and complicated to implement in a real world player. The javascript based SMIL player in the Kaltura sequencer is no different in this respect as it implements just enough of the spec to be useful for collaborative video editing and exposes an HTML5 video style API for controlling playback and timing. Another nice feature of SMIL xml is that it is extensible for custom components. So far we have added some tools for using the editor with MediaWiki templates. This gives sequence authors the dynamic power of wikitext and html css to layout elements in sequences.” [Read More]

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