HTML5 “Unready For Production Use” According To Senior W3C Official

Philippe Le Hegaret, a senior World Wide Web Consortiumn (W3C) official with responsibility for SVG and HTML specifications, has told Infoworld:

The problem we’re facing right now is there is already a lot of excitement for HTML5, but it’s a little too early to deploy it because we’re running into interoperability issues.” [Read More]

In the same article,  Le Hegaret explains the point that has been made by several other commentators that there are a large number of legacy browsers (IE6 in particular) that cannot be ignored and also rejects Apple’s assertion that Flash can be ‘retired’ in favour of HTML5:

We’re not going to retire Flash anytime soon,” Le Hegaret said. It will take years before all Web clients support HTML5, he said. He cited Microsoft’s IE6 browser as an example of popular client not supporting the standard. “IE6 is still being used on the Web today, and it is 10 years old.” [Read More]

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