Vidispine and Object Matrix Announce ‘Frictionless’ DAM

A joint technology partnership between media asset management software vendor, Vidispine and digital archive developers, Object Matrix has been announced.  The partnership aims to produce systems that will meet the demanding requirements of the media and creative industries, where complex workflows must manage and deliver many hundreds of terabytes of digital content, across multiple disparate platforms and in a multitude of formats.

“Managing where content is and ensuring it is both protected and authentic has proven a very expensive problem to solve. The integration of Vidispine and MatrixStore goes a long way to solving many of those problems, allowing staff within those organisations to concentrate on core tasks that generate value for the business and not waste cycles managing data. The solution set also allows content to be accessed and used by RESTful (Web APIs) so that customers can instantly adapt to new workflows, production environments and distribution channels using tools that fully support open standards.” [Read More]

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