DAM Guru Program Interview

In this special DAM News feature, Ralph Windsor interviews David Diamond about the DAM Guru Program which David has established.  DAM Guru is a scheme that aims to connect DAM consultants or subject experts (‘Gurus’) with those who need to learn more about an aspect of DAM (or ‘Newbies’) .  David Diamond is also Marketing Director at Picturepark, which might make a few competing vendors somewhat suspicious of the motivation behind it but he has done a reasonable job of explaining how DAM Guru will remain impartial in the interview:

People who are better educated about DAM and their needs with regard to DAM can make better decisions about DAM software. That is, when you know what you’re doing, you’re more likely to choose the best solution. We want people to know more about DAM because we think that the vendors who offer the best solutions will benefit from a more knowledgeable community.” [Read More]

One member of the DAM News team has signed up.  We will review the enquiries that are received and report back on how we think this is going in due course.

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