SharePoint Book Reviews: Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration

The second part of our SharePoint 2010 book review. This week we will concentrate on SharePoint 2010 books for experts. In this review we look at books suitable for experienced SharePoint programmers, administrators and specialist IT consultants.

Once beyond the basics, SharePoint 2010 becomes at platform for a multitude of applications, and can be customised to provide tailored software solutions to meet your organisation’s unique needs. However, which books are available to assist you in the tasks you need to complete in order to deliver? Here’s the first of our pick of those titles which offer the best specialist guidance and support.

Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration By Todd Klindt, Shane Young, and Steve Caravajal

Written by a team of SharePoint experts, Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration By Todd Klindt, Shane Young, and Steve Caravaja provides in depth coverage of the latest features and improvements in 2010, perfect for experienced SharePoint administrators who are upgrading from 2007. Information includes; installation, configuration, upgrading existing SharePoint 2007 servers, architecture and capacity planning, securing and managing site content, integrating Office clients and protocols for handling monitoring, creating backups, and executing disaster recovery. This resource presents all the technical detail SharePoint administrators need to know to get SharePoint 2010 up and running successfully.

I purchased this book to “upgrade” my skills for SharePoint 2010. With around 2 years experience in MOSS I needed a book with a fair amount of technical depth whilst explaining complex topics (such as the new SA architecture) in a concise manner. The book has not let me down and if anything has got me even more excited about the new version of the product. I would heartily recommend it to anyone planning on looking after a 2010 farm.” [Read More]

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