Digital Photography Best Practices And Workflow Handbook: A Guide To Staying Ahead Of The Workflow Curve

The third and final title in our roundup of books on Digital Asset Management for photographers is “Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow Handbook: A Guide to Staying Ahead of the Workflow Curve” by Patricia Russotti and Richard Anderson.

Aimed at professional photographers and archivists, this universal guide, endorsed by the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) will provide readers with the best workflow practices for planning and capturing to archiving and storing digital photography. Further, the handbook is software independent, covering all the features common to most DAM systems, rather than simply advocating the benefits of one system or vendor suite. A great resource for anyone involved in one or all stages of digital photographic workflow.  [Read More]

We also covered The DAM Book by Peter Krogh and The Digital Shoebox By Sarah Bay Williams.

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