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DAM Projects Update – Free Premium DAM News Whitepaper Offer

by Ralph Windsor on April 1, 2014

Based on feedback received from a few people who have been generous enough to offer it, we have made some judicious alterations to DAM Projects which we launched a few weeks ago.  The most notable of which is that you can manage all contacts with prospective suppliers via the site itself now without the need to reveal your details.  If you prefer to handle communications directly, those options are of course still available.

For anyone who may have missed it the first time, DAM Projects allows prospective clients looking for DAM suppliers like vendors, taxonomy/metadata experts etc to post details of a project entirely free of charge.  Any of the following are suitable:

  • DAM solution RFPs and tenders
  • DAM software implementation (e.g. customisation or other professional services)
  • Metadata schemas or taxonomy design
  • Cataloguing and metadata entry (including keywording)
  • Batch asset processing (e.g file format conversion or digitisation services)
  • DAM consulting
  • DAM industry analysis
  • Metadata and DAM training

We will post details of any projects here and tweet them to the DAM News followers also (as with all our other articles).

My employer, Daydream, who have placed an advert on the site have had a decent response to the post we made for cataloguing assistance.  In a perverse twist, an unexpected consequence was that myself and my co-contributors at DAM News also had numerous other requests for DAM consulting work as a result of this site being set up and featured in DAM News.  Great while all this is, we did not set this up as a sales lead funnelling system for our own exclusive benefit, more a facility for the wider DAM community to take advantage of.

To encourage some wider participation, we are offering a free premium DAM News whitepaper to anyone who has a project posting approved during April 2014.  Any of our papers can be selected, but your project must be a real one and get approved for publication, you can’t just post anything up solely to get the freebie (and you only get one).

I should also point out that as well as posting on DAM Projects, the DAM Guru Program sponsored by DAM vendor, Picturepark is a further potential outlet to gain access to skilled DAM professionals.  Their service is more managed and they actively match gurus with experts.  DAM Projects is like a noticeboard and therefore suitable for those who prefer to handle this entirely in-house without a third party being involved.  Neither DAM Projects nor DAM Guru are mutually exclusive and our expectation is those who need to find some assistance for their DAM initiatives will use both services to maximise their chances of finding suitable suppliers.  You can find out more about DAM Projects on the ‘about’ page.

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