Featured Job – Taxonomist & Knowledge Architecture Specialist, Meta – 3rd December 2021

This week’s featured opening is for a Taxonomist and Knowledge Architecture Specialist with Meta, the multinational technology company formerly known as Facebook.  Based out of the USA and working under the HR Technology team, the successful candidate will have a high level of experience in building, implementing and managing taxonomy and knowledge architecture strategies.  Additional duties and responsibilities include identifying technology requirements, maintaining taxonomy and content templates, leading the taxonomy committee, in-depth analysis and reporting, and working with cross-functional stakeholders and partners with regards to taxonomy and knowledge architecture goals, best practice, and change management.

We’re looking for a seasoned expert in the domains of HR taxonomy and knowledge architecture strategy, creation, implementation and management. This role focuses on the design of surfaces, systems and processes that support knowledge exchange & delivery in a highly cross-functional, fast-paced and complex working environment. The person in this role will be expected to be an experienced taxonomist able to quickly create and then scale ontologies as they relate to various HR domains.”  [Read More]

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