Featured Job – Digital Asset Specialist, Metrolinx – 11th February 2022

This week’s featured opportunity is for a Digital Asset Management Specialist with Canadian rail and road operator Metrolinx.  Based out of Ontario, and operating as part of the Social + Branded Content team, the successful candidate will be responsible for all aspects of managing the organisation’s DAM system, including usage rights and permissions,  cataloguing, sourcing suitable licensed media and UGC (user generated content), and optimisation of all digital assets for omnichannel delivery.  Additional tasks will include acting as the DAM subject matter expert, performing research and analysis of digital assets for maximum effectiveness, user training, and working with other teams to establish and implement DAM best practices.

Our Digital Strategy & CRM Office is seeking a Digital Asset Management Specialist to join the Social + Branded Content team. This individual will support Metrolinx’s content initiatives by identifying opportunities to improve and enhance the user journey via cohesive and comprehensive citizen experience. This role also improves Metrolinx’s digital content’s findability, accessibility, and quality compliance as the Administrator user of Digital Marketing’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) software.”  [Read More]

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Image Credit: Craig James White, Wikimedia Commons

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