Featured Job – Digital Asset Co-ordinator, Kew – 18th February 2022

This week’s highlighted position is for a Digital Asset Co-ordinator with internationally renowned botanical research and education institution, Kew Royal Botanical Gardens.  Responsible for managing the organisation’s vast digital collection of scientific, historic and promotional images, the successful candidate will be proficient in managing and developing DAM systems.  The role will include advising on DAM strategy, onboarding and training DAM users and collection holders, licensing and permissions, metadata processing and management, and tracking digital asset usage across Kew.

The Digital Asset Co-ordinator acts as the Subject Matter Expert for the understanding of digital assets throughout Kew and the co-ordination of ingesting the various collections into the system(s). Working with collection managers to develop common policies and solutions, the post enables the sharing of all digital assets whilst ensuring the appropriate confidentiality of sensitive assets or associated metadata. The post-holder will work with Kew IT and Digital Experience staff along with collection owners to develop and maintain digital asset policies and procedures and participate in the development of new interfaces linking to the system.”  [Read More]

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