Featured Job – Asset Management Specialist – 20th November 2020

This week’s highlighted position is for an Asset Management Specialist at subscription-based streaming provider Netflix.  Based at their headquarters in California, the successful candidate will be responsible for managing not only the DAM system and its assets, but also user adoption and training, roles and permissions, workflow optimisation, change management, and close liaison with other departments such as marketing, post-production, and external agencies.


  • Project manage the flow of creative assets, including sourcing files, uploading and tagging shoot footage, and organizing promotional assets.
  • Receive, identify, and ingest media assets into our digital asset management platforms.
  • Serve as liaison between post-production, external agencies, and cross-functional departments to source, manage, and distribute title content for marketing/publicity use.
  • Communicate with cross-functional teams regarding updates on media delivery timelines and specs.
  • Constantly look to improve our delivery accuracy with a keen eye for optimization.


  • Research, deploy, and provide training on an asset management system that is used across all Netflix teams to streamline the searchability and delivery of assets.
  • Control permissions and onboard users to our asset management systems including our proprietary DAMs, clip curation platforms and external partner platforms.
  • Act as DAM support for larger teams including troubleshooting tooling issues.
  • Regularly assess the workflow and propose necessary updates to better serve our long-term strategies.


  • Identify gaps in processes and/or tasks that can be optimized to improve our delivery metrics.
  • Design, develop, and drive initiatives to close gaps and make meaningful change.
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with multiple stakeholders to align on project scope, delivery timelines, and plans for new workflows.
  • Identify ways to use technology to improve the way we work.
  • Lead change management processes and influence partner teams to change the way they work.

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