Managing Risk With Cloud Hosted DAM

DAM consultants, Daydream have published a blog post that discusses the risks of Cloud hosting.  They make reference to Wikileaks and the financial crisis as good examples of why you should avoid placing too much trust in Cloud hosting as your exclusive method of delivery:

I do believe the Cloud is a great concept with a lot of worthwhile benefits that make it highly suited to Digital Asset Management requirements, however, like any kind of IT investment, risk management and a critical evaluation of the pitfalls and how to avoid them is absolutely crucial.  When assessing with clients about how best to handle their DAM hosting needs, we consider three main factors: available technology, risk and cost.  These each have to be balanced to ensure the provision is appropriate, safe and affordable.  The Cloud offers a highly cost effective method to bypass some of the scalability problems associated with conventional hosting and also help reduce risks from equipment failure – but only if used in conjunction with other techniques and you take some direct personal responsibility for managing the risks inherent in each of your choices.” [Read More]

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