Amazon Announce Server-Side S3 REST Encryption: The Building Blocks Of Commodity DAM Systems?

On Tuesday, Amazon, announced they were releasing a “Server Side Encryption” module for users of their S3 storage facility.  For less technical users, this means they created a method for software developers to encrypt or ‘scramble’ data when it gets stored on their Cloud servers so unauthorised users (aka ‘hackers’) …

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“Disaster Porn”: Infrastructure & Hosting Nightmares That Could Be Coming To A DAM System Near You?

The ‘Uptime’ section of features an article that reports from OmniTI Surge Conference (held last week) where some of the greatest IT failures were discussed.  The keynote features Ben Fried, CIO of Google who describes a previous position he held at Morgan Stanley where a critical application failed, costing …

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Cloud Brokerage – A Solid Foundation For Digital Asset Management Resourcing Or Just Blue Sky Thinking?

I was interested to read Stacey Higginbottom’s article yesterday regarding her thoughts on the Forrester report ‘Cloud Broker – A New Business Model Paradigm’.  Like Higginbottom, I am intrigued by the proposition that cloud providers might become one-stop shops for all computer resources, including short term human resourcing.  …

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