Naresh Sarwan is senior technical writer and head of features for Digital Asset News. Prior to working for Digital Asset News, he was lead technical editor at and worked as DAM technology consultant for a range of media organizations including The BBC, Image Source, Digital Vision, ITN, Sky, Accenture, BT and Cisco.

WebDAM Add New Taxonomy Features – More DAM Vendors Now Taking Controlled Vocabularies Seriously

One of our featured DAM vendors, WebDAM solutions have added some new features to their Cloud DAM system.  The new facilities are based around taxonomies and the controlled vocabulary concept (choosing pre-determined terms rather than narrative free text).

Building on one of our most popular features, controlled vocabulary,

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Orphan Works ‘Land Grab’ By The Public Sector Now EU Authorised – Thin End Of The Wedge For IP Owners?

According to the The Register yesterday, EU ministers have approved legislation that will allow public sector organisations, including libraries, museums and universities to use so-called ‘orphan works’ (intellectual property such as photographs where the owner cannot be identified)

Under the terms of the new Directive the various public bodies

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WoodWing Acquire Elvis DAM Developers Dutchsoftware

Yesterday, WoodWing Software, developers of the ‘Enterprise’ multi-channel publishing software system acquired DAM vendor, Dutchsoftware, who develop Elvis DAM:

Our publishing system, Enterprise, and Elvis DAM are very much complementary,” said Erik Schut, President of WoodWing Software. “Enterprise streamlines the publishing process through collaboration, an efficient workflow and easy

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Cognosys Offer CogDAM Azure Media Services Solution – Are The VARs About To Eat DAM Vendors’ Lunches?

Indian VAR and integrator, Cognosys Technologies announced the launch of CogDAM yesterday:

Cognosys Technologies has launched an end to end CogDAM Digital Asset Management suite with single click encoding service with live streaming capabilities based on Azure Media Services. This media service allows clients to have a single integrated

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KIT Digital Slashes Workforce By 22% – Decline Of The Long-Term Cloud Lock-In Deal Or Bursting Of The DAM Bubble?

Back in April last year, we reported how various investment websites were ramping the potential of Cloud DAM vendors like KIT Digital by highlighting how they used (abused?) their contracts with clients to lock them in for 24 months to help guarantee a certain level of ‘income visibility’, as financial …

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