Naresh Sarwan is senior technical writer and head of features for Digital Asset News. Prior to working for Digital Asset News, he was lead technical editor at and worked as DAM technology consultant for a range of media organizations including The BBC, Image Source, Digital Vision, ITN, Sky, Accenture, BT and Cisco.

Gamification: Not Worthwhile For Enterprise DAM?

This post by Chirag Mehta discussed the role of Gamification with special reference to enterprise applications.  For those who has unfamiliar with the term, Gamification means the application of gaming techniques to create more engaging user experiences.  Chirag argues (correctly in my view) that flow and a simple, uninterrupted user …

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O’Reilly Tools Of Change Conference, Feb 12-14 2013, New York (USA)

Publisher O’Reilly are hosting their 2013 ‘Tools of Change conference in NYC between 12th and 14th February.  The event covers five major themes:

  • User Experience
  • Collaboration and Connection.
  • Open Platforms, Open Standards, and Open Systems
  • Publishing-Related Technologies
  • Best Practices & Business Models

This unique, full-day event is oriented

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ECM – The ‘Big Stuff Management’ Software Fallacy And What Clues It Offers For The Future Of DAM

On Fierce Content Management, Ron Miller speculates that Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is more of a name than a real solution:

I’ve been thinking lately that no company can truly claim to be an enterprise content management vendor because there are so many types of content out there

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